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Trusted Critical Infrastructure

Lightboard owns, builds and operates clean, friendly, and secured edge network critical infrastructure facilities across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

About Us

The Leader In Critical Infrastructure Facilities

Lightboard is the leading Edge operator in the Telecommunications industry. We provide innovative and reliable solutions to local, regional and global network operators. We excel in offering a wide range of facilities solutions custom tailored to cloud, content, compute, Internet routing and optical transport.

Exceptional Ecosystem Engineering

Lightboard is lead by industry veterans. We've engineered, built or operated the largest ISP, video, content and cloud compute networks in the world. We are unrivaled experience wise.

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Engineered Infrastructure

Lightboard Realty builds and operates critical telecommunications infrastructure across the United States. We design to a standard of removing roadblocks to business speed and ease of use.

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We engineer and operate highly automated, secured, edge facilities for critical network infrastructure. We strive to make business easy.


We provide multiple layers of process-oriented and automated security for control and accountability.

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Optical Network Ecosystems

We engineer low latency optical network connectivity ecosystems with low reflectivity enabling a superior interconnection product.

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Our Mission

We strive to lead in infrastructure ecosystems by creating well engineered, highly automated, and secured network focused facilities. We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled user experience by providing seamless access to networks, space and power. Our objective is to increase trust and simplify service delivery to the point where it's as easy as pressing an infrastructure button. Cost effective. Performance improving excellence.

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